Our History

Lal Srl
  • 1950

    Moroni brothers, Mario and Luciano, started their business in January 1957 working as fixtures-and-fittings carpenters in a subbasement sized 30 sq.m, in the centre of Loreto.

    Lal Srl
  • 1960

    In 1965 LAL snc was born (Lavorazione Articoli Legno – Wood articles production).
    They started with creating Crucifixes, wood paintings, and head board Rosaries, in order to meet the requests of the area.
    In 1966 they introduced innovative technologies that immediately produced a strong impulse to the business: metal’s melting and shaping, particularly pewter.
    In 1967 they built their workshop in Via Costabianca, in an area of 200 sq.m, which is still the Company’s current headquarters.

  • 1970

    LAL stabilised the distribution network and strengthened the sales network by employing advanced technologies.
    In 1975 their headquarters expanded up to a size of 1,000 sq.m.

  • 1980

    They introduced Silver items: paintings, frames, photo frames, and rosaries enrich the collection.

  • 1990

    The nineties have been the turning point in the Company’s history. The brothers’ children, Elisabetta, Renato, Debora, and Silvia improved the manufacturing and marketing system by exploring new foreign markets, especially the Catholic ones. Hence, they opened a wholesale store in Medjugorje and 2 shops, within a few years.
    Before the end of the nineties, the company needed a new, bigger warehouse and a wide showroom of 150 sqm; new high-tech facilities improved Logistics. They even started a website to complete the company’s business.

  • 2000

    The company continues its process of expansion and development.
    LAL S.r.l. was born on 1st June 2003. Moroni Brothers passed the company down to their children, who guarantee the same style as their fathers by relying on craftsmanship, attention to details, and items customisation: such timeless values belong to all LAL creations and make them unique. In November 2005, the company became one of the first Italian companies in gaining the certification “Made with Swarovski Elements”. In 2006, the Marche Region Institute rewards the company with the brand “Marche Eccellenza Artigiana” (Marche’s Artisan Excellence). Such reward derives from the importance of finding and promoting artisan companies that have been working in the Marche region for ages. The company shows to be able at adapting to change of preferences, habits, market target, and innovative technologies, up to becoming a model for the whole field.

  • 2018

    Current LAL's numbers:
    • 31 internal collaborators;
    • 2,500 sq.m indoors;
    • 500 sq.m of a warehouse used for storage of finished products and prompt delivery;
    • More than 700 satisfied clients every year;
    • More than 6,000 creations sold every year;
    • Exclusive productions: Cross of Pope Francis (Antonio Vedele 1930-1997), drawings by Stefano Calisti, new Audite™ line (with trademark and licence);
    • Markets: 52 countries worldwide;
    • In 2017, LAL exported more than 43% of the total turnover.